Tony AboutT54L300PX

Tony de Rijk

CTO & Partner

As co-founder with over 35 years of experience in control technology, Tony is a creative manager and leader combining vision and strategy with strong software and hardware development skills. He is a persistent problem solver under pressure, and deploys his extensive expertise in presenting, managing, designing, developing and delivering a wide range of large-scale integrated projects for industrial automation, building automation, simulation and entertainment industry.

Tony has a broad experience with international projects in North America, Europe and Asia and is a strong advocate of Agile and Extreme development.

Jurgen AboutT54L300PX

Jurgen Moerman

CEO & Partner

Being co-founder of Twenty54Labs, Jurgen holds a MSc in Economics with a specialization in Operations Management, Marketing, and Organization. Having worked more than 20 years in process analysis and optimization in various industries, he has developed a deep respect for the craftmanship found with topic experts behind every corporate facade. He is committed to the importance of the role of craftsmanship that has become increasingly under pressure with the advances in technology, raising the wrong suggestion to many that experts can be replaced by machines. His point of view on applying technology is that the experts and common sense should stay in control, not the algorithms.

With this in mind, his pragmatic approach to data management is a refreshment in a technology market filled with false promises.

Hawe AboutT54L300PX

 Hans-Werner Klein

CIO & Partner

Hans-Werner 'Hawe' is co-founder, statistician and senior data scientist with 30+ years of experience and pragmatism to apply the most useful and powerful methods for each situation that cover a spectrum far beyond 'the usual recipes'.

He uses the power of data that can be in the synthesis of data itself + experience + some common sense. Although data can be retrieved from any kind of source, for him there is one main goal: to get the most valid and and reliable information out of any data set. Hawe has been active in various industries (esp. telecom and automotive) as a customer oriented project manager with a leadership perspective.

As an author, lecturer and editor in the field of statistics and data management, he provides state of the art methodological knowledge.