We enrich your data

Twenty54Labs delivers advanced data management solutions to professionals. Twenty54Labs relies on decades of experience using proven methods and Advanced Statistical Modeling combined with the latest semantic and NoSQL technologies.

Whether it is your small- or big data, your complexity management, your challenges with versioning, master data management, IoT, data cleansing, or Industry 4.0; Twenty54Labs will find a solution that fits your needs.

We believe that your data should work for you; all of it. We do not believe in off-the-shelf-fully-automated-magic-one-button-usecase-prepped technologies, if you understand what we're saying.

For us, expert solutions are data science tools that support your daily work in a powerful but non-intrusive way. Tools have to be easy to use, reliable and easy to integrate into any given eco-system. Every situation is different; therefore the expert should always stay in control.

So what happens otherwise? See for yourself:

Looks funny indeed. And we can give you many other examples (for more fun, you definitely need to visit

But take a step back and discover that this lack of understanding on how to interpret data, and how to search for relevance is happening in our everyday business everywhere we go. Too many business decisions are taken based on the same kind of convincing assumption: that “a fantastic tool will do the job automatically” eliminating the role of the human experts.

The data challenge is not a technical challenge, it’s a method challenge.

Twenty54Labs' team of experts is there to help you with the right method for your needs.