Versioning & Industry 4.0

Product data is everywhere in your organization. But how do you make sure that the right people (R&D, Purchasing, Sales, etc.) can access accurate product data on demand so they can take proper action?
Master Data Management (MDM) has the goal to unify any amount of data - from customers to products to suppliers and beyond – into a unified, actionable “version of the truth.”


Today, a lot of industries see complexity rising along their value chains and product-life-cycles. 


The usual suspects:

  • Increased customization
  • Shorter production cycles
  • Complex platform strategies
  • Multi-sourcing policies
  • Out-of-control software/firmware roadmaps
  • Fragmented legacy system landscape
  • etc…

These push existing management tools and technologies beyond their limits.

Often product-,  process-  and client- perspectives each have their own dominant software solutions (i.e. CRM, ERP, Design & Engineering). None of these really work together nor do they cover all stages of the product-life-cycle. This leads to data complexitysize, and ambiguity issues. This is a giant cost-driver and the biggest barrier to succesfully reach Industry 4.0

Accurate Versioning is often needed, but almost impossible.

Twenty54Labs offers Master Data Management solutions along the whole product life cycle tailored to your needs and connecting your data sources into a Common Data Structure so that you can have accurate Versioning, even long after your products have left the factory.

  • Streamlining your supply chain
  • Creating value-added services on top of your products
  • Synchronizing your data with partners and regulation authorities
  • Managing multichannel business strategies
  • And many other scenarios

Our solutions will be custom developed faster then you think as we work agile. We work with your experts to develop your product and make sure, that you can trust your data.

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