Pattern recognition & Predictive analytics

Is this an incident, or do we have a real issue here?

Thousands of professionals in all sorts of businesses face this question every day. Those professionals are probably supported in their work by one of the many fancy Business Intelligence tools on the market today. Tools that often promise a lot of powerful insights and analytics 'at the touch of a button', and relief from all that manual work. And of course there is aways Excel. So what can possibly go wrong? More than you want to know...

The data size of an average organization is growing enormously, and that won't change any time soon

In an age where almost every system is connected and delivers real-time data, it's hard to keep an eye on stuff that really matters.

What matters to you might not matter to someone else. Every professional has his own search for relevance.

Todays' high level of automation in BI tools creates 3 problems we see at virtually every client we visit:

  1. a false sense of security; "the system says it's like this, so it must be true"
  2. a lack of transparancy for the user; some kind of algorithm runs in the background that cannot be verified
  3. a lack of flexibility for the user; the moment you divert from the built-in set of analytics tools to better serve your needs, you now need a set of programmers or you are on your own in uncharted territory

For BI Twenty54Labs favors a semi-automated solution with a clear UI running on a NoSQL engine. For most users this outperforms any off-the-shelf standard industry module from the typical BI supplier. Those have to be 'customized' to your needs every time your request doesn't fall into the typical analytics tools. And even then, it will likely still leave a lot to be desired (not to mention costs)

Twenty54Labs believes expert solutions are data science tools that support your daily work in a powerful but non-intrusive way

Tools have to be easy to use, reliable and easy to integrate with any given eco-system

Every situation is different; therefore the expert should always stay in control 

Twenty54Labs applies advanced algorithms, originating from Statistics and Market Research, to help you see patterns in your data and help you structure and apply your own expert reasoning logic. Of course all of it running on Object Oriented NoSQL database technology

This is especially helpful when monitoring your product/service/process performance:

  • Curative to solve issues originating in the past
  • Preventive to avoid introducing new issues
  • Predictive to foresee possible issues in the future

Focus on what really matters to you!

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