IoT & management of connectivity

Internet of Things; a blessing or just another tech buzz-word?

If misunderstood, it’s probably the latter

You need a plan

By 2020, the world will see an average of 7 connected devices per person (approx. 7.6 billion people having 50 billion devices).

But IoT doesn’t just happen miraculously. It takes more than a couple of wise words and nice pictures to get smartphones, embedded controllers, appliances, cars, machines, buildings, and complete systems to talk to each other in a way that makes sense and adds value for users.

For starters, there is no universal system language. Yes, there have been initiatives to get at least parts of certain industries or domains standardized via middleware (KNX, IO-link, etc..) But already you can see major challenges appearing, even in specific operating environments.

Often these standards are a poor technical compromise, supporting commercial interests and 'legacy directions' of a handful of players on a wide playing field. The middleware acts like an umbrella over all sub-systems, and the level of abstraction (i.e. the 'language barrier' supposedly addressed by the middleware) is usually placed at a very high level in the system architecture.

The result: a very restricted 'me-Tarzan you-Jane' communication between system components, lacking the rich data, speed, and flexibility you need for true real-time control and the application of intelligence. And as a bonus you pay a fortune for every change or update, because these always need to be re-programmed by experts instead of allowing you to configure it yourself.

Your IoT Roadmap

Twenty54Labs delivers you a smart roadmap for IoT, where we focus on the connectivity that really matters for your operation, and the application of available technologies that make sense. Our staged approach allows you to expand your connectivity over time, starting from a solid base, being prepared for future developments.

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